Check out this Great Australia Day Beach Party 2021 Beach Activity and Main Stage Entertainment program below. All this plus rides, beach games and stalls of all kinds.

7.00am           Great Australia Day Community Fun Run with the Cap Coast Runners

12.00pm        Official Welcome & acknowledgements

12.10pm        Dolphin Line Dancers

12.25pm        Sha’Waza Dance Troupe

 12.30pm        CQ Today Sand Sculpture Competition

                        Entry Free, $1,000 in cash & prizes.  (Entry forms at Admin area)

 12.40 pm       Dawn & The Sax 

1.35pm          Angie’s Aussie Music Tribute

 2.00pm          JC Rangas Plus

 2.30pm          The Magical Mr E   

 3.00pm          The Capricornian Beach Games including Bare Bottom Boat Regatta and Great Australia Day Egg-Tossing Championship                      

3.10pm          Instant Karma Band

4.55pm          Announce Mirror Sand Sculpture Winners

4.00pm          Skydive Capricorn Exhibition.

 4.10pm          The Natural Culture

 5.00pm          Aussie Cheer & Dance

 5.15pm          LA Models Beach Fashions

 5.45pm          Mum & Dad’s Ice Cream Licking Competition

 6.00pm          Bob Pacey Bush Poetry with Passion

 6.15pm          Dave Lord Magic

 7.00pm          The Rhonda Janes Band